How Fast will the NBN be in 2023?

1000/400 Mbps

FTTP in 2014

Fibre to the Premises

Your house is connected to the internet via an optic fibre. The expected minimum lifetime of this fibre is 60 years. The NBN is completely passive, all that lies between your house and the exchange is strands of glass and optical prisms, no power or ongoing maintenance is required.

Upgrading the speed of the NBN is simply a matter of replacing the equipment at each end of the fibre. Speeds exceeding 40,000 Mbps have already been demonstrated in research laboratories using the same type of fibre as in the NBN.

The Coalition can still choose to roll out a FTTP NBN. Recent improvements in FTTP rollout techniques have dramatically lowered the cost and time to deploy fibre.

15/2.5 Mbps

MTM in 2023

Malcolm Turnbull's Mess

The Coalition believes that 15Mbps average download and 2.5Mbps average upload will be good enough for Australia in 9 years time (in 2023).*

This projected speed is less than the average download speed available in Australia today! (September 2014)*

At this very moment, Kazakstan has an average download speed of 16.86Mbps: Faster than the 15Mbps the Coalition believes is adequate for Australia in 2023!*

The simulations below show what life will be like for you in 2023 with Malcolm Turnbull's Mess compared with the internet experience on a modern, state-of-the-art FTTP NBN.

Uploading Wedding Photos to Facebook

You have just received the digital copies of your wedding photos from the photographer. You're eager to upload them to Facebook for all to see. There are 100 high quality photos each 10MB in size.

FTTP NBN in 2014

Coalition's MTM in 2023

Downloading a HD TV Episode from iTunes

Note: Game of Thrones is no longer available on iTunes. Foxtel purchased the rights so it is no longer available legally via internet streaming.

The latest episode of HBO's Game of Thrones series has just been released, unfortunately your bus to work leaves in 5 minutes. You really wanted to watch a HD version of the episode during your commute! You quickly plug in your iPad and start the download. Will it finish in time? Or will you miss the bus?

FTTP NBN in 2014

HBO - Game of Thrones

Season 5 - Episode 1

Coalition's MTM in 2023

HBO - Game of Thrones

Season 14 - Episode 1

Uploading Footage of Your New Puppy to YouTube

You have just picked up the dog you've always wanted! You've recorded picking him up, his first arrival home, and him playing with his new toys. You've then edited these scenes into a video and want to upload it to YouTube. How long is it going to take before the world sees your bouncy baby?

FTTP NBN in 2014

<3 My New Heeler 2014

Coalition's MTM in 2023

<3 My New Heeler 2023

Syncing Engineering Designs with Dropbox

You run an Engineering Consultancy from your home office in Brisbane. You are working on a detailed design for a Liquid Natural Gas train on Barrow Island for the Gorgon project. Your client's design office is in Perth and you want to send your latest design via Dropbox. The files are 300MB in size.

FTTP NBN in 2014

Barrow Island GIS Survey [RAW].dxf
MTPA LNG Train #1 Detailed Design.dxf

Coalition's MTM in 2023

Barrow Island GIS Survey [RAW].dxf
MTPA LNG Train #1 Detailed Design.dxf

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I have always been a Liberal voter, although, the lack of sane political discourse over the past few years has left me disillusioned with both parties. I feel that Labor is underselling the NBN, especially its upload capacity. I built this website to demonstrate to the general user the large performance differential between the Labor and Coalition NBNs. I hope that non tech savvy users will benefit from these simple demonstrations.

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